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Sensory Touch Tags Bean Bag Floor Cushion



A giant bean bag and floor cushion with integrated Sensory Touch Tags fastened around the edge. Designed specifically to calm children who are inclined to fidget – the touch tags provide an outlet for fidgeting in a controlled way that doesn’t disturb the class or lesson.

Younger children (or some older children with sensory processing disorders, ADHD or autism) often seek out different textures to play with when they feel anxious in order to provide a calming sensory imput. The Sensory Touch Tags Bean Bag provides a space for a child to relax in, whilst also providing a tactile experience to calm any potential anxiety and provide an outlet for restlessness. Each of the textured tags offers a different tactile fabric for children who like the sensation of playing with silky and soft fabrics. The enveloping nature of the bean bag also provides proprioceptive pressure – giving comfort and reassurance.

  • Provides calming sensory input
  • Allows children to explore different textures and receive the sensory input they crave without being disruptive – 6 different fabric textures
  • Versatile multi-way seat
  • Ideal for use in nurseries as it can be used as a seat, a comfy cushion for nap time or as a way of allowing young children to explore different textures and senses