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SICO Staging set 1 - 11.9 m2



The ever popular Sico mobile and folding staging is the most efficient way to quickly set up your staging.

This configuration features 4 x stages, 1 x steps, 3 x guardrails, 7 x skirting

Each section of the SICO EUROPE® 2000 mobile folding stage rolls freely on its own  four wheels to wherever it is needed. No heavy sections to lift and carry, and   no deck or frame caddies to bother with. This dual-height stage is designed to   be set in place, then taken apart and put in storage by just one person. The   2000 Series stages can be used as a performance stage, a head table riser, a   runway, a speaker’s platform, or set up multiple units for musical group risers.

Save on Labour and Set Up Time

Because each section of the 2000 mobile folding stage can be moved by one   person, the cost savings in labour and set up time are substantial. Since each   stage unit is self-contained, there is no need for bulky deck or frame storage   caddies. This unique feature not only saves time and money, but valuable storage   space as well.

Everything for a Complete, Professional Stage

SICO EUROPE® offers everything necessary for complete, professional staging: backdrops, steps, stage skirting, corner sections, guard rails, chair and table   stops, and caddies for moving stage skirting and guard rails.

With health and safety in mind, SICO EUROPE® strongly recommends the use of guardrails with all of our stages and riser systems

The Performance Promise

3-Year Warranty with a Lifetime Warranty on welds.


  • 3-4 Weeks
  • 15 Year Guarantee
Size Info:
12 square metres