Chair & Table Size Guide

British and European Education Furniture Standard BS EN 1729

Chair & Table Size Guide

Part 1: Functional Dimensions
Part 2: Safety Requirements and Test Methods

The introduction of the new British and European Education Furniture Standard, BS EN 1729, for tables and chairs, is the most important update in school furniture for a generation. Based on the measurements of 1500 children around England in 2001, it was the first updating of child sizes since the 60s. Most existing furniture will pass BS EN 1729

The fundamental changes to compliant furniture design are in BS EN 1729 Part 1, which relates to the appropriate size, shape and ergonomic design of classroom furniture to maintain good posture and reduce RSI and back pain in school children.

The BS EN 1729 standard specifies a variety of sizes allowing children to sit on chairs and at tables with reasonable posture. By ensuring teaching areas and furniture usage are properly managed and supervised, the children sit on and at furniture relevant to their individual heights. This provides children with the benefits of good posture and ergonomic comfort resulting in improved concentration and application.